3 Signs You May Need Sewer Pipe Replacement Options

Sewer line repair in Inglewood, CA by best local and licensed plumbers near you.Because the main sewer line is buried in the yard of your home it can be hard to diagnose a broken sewer pipe. However, there are signs that homeowners can keep an eye out for to detect early problems and call for sewer line repair.

Frequently Clogged Drains

It’s expected for a household drain to clog every now and then. Toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs can experience clogs every now and then. It’s when clogs begin to pop up more often and in multiple drains, that you may have cause to worry. These are signs – along with slow-flowing drains – that you may have a blocked sewer line.

Bad Odors

Sewer line problems aren’t always visible. More often than not, you can smell it, though. Sewer gases can back up into drains fairly quickly and emit a bad odor. Many times, homeowners don’t notice the smell in their homes right away, but in their yards. Sewer gases can be deadly, so don’t wait to call a 24 hour plumber in Ingelwood, CA.

Wet Spots in Your Yard

Sewer leaks can be hard to detect. Pipes collapse or break for many reasons including tree roots that have grown into the pipe. Regardless of what has caused the pipe to fail, one of the earliest indications of a break are soft spots in the yard. Every so often, homeowners should walk their yard near the sewer line and look for soggy spots. If you find one, call a plumber. You may need sewer pipe replacement or repair.

When You Suspect a Sewer Line Problem

As soon as you suspect you have a sewer line clog or rupture, call an emergency plumber in Inglewood. At Inglewood Pronto Plumbers, we have a variety of options for sewer pipe replacement that is cost-effective and non-disruptive to our customers’ yards and life. When caught early, most repair or replacement services can be done in as little as 24 hours. Call today to learn more about all of our services!

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