We Offer 24/7 Plumbing Service in Inglewood

When looking for a good plumber, do you know what’s important? It’s important to find professionals who operate legally, are insured to neutralize risk to you, and are available when you need them. Experience and an established name is a must! Who’s the best plumbing service in town? You’ve found it!

We’re Inglewood Pronto Plumbers, and we’ve been operating for more than 20 years. We have longevity, so we must be doing a good job! We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to protect both our company and our clients. We employ only industry certified plumbers who have proven their honesty and professionalism. Why? Because our crew represents our company image, and when it comes to our image, we’re pretty vain!!

We’ve Handle It All from Clogged Drains to Pipe Repair

In 20 years, we’re pretty much willing to bet that we’ve seen everything and anything you can throw at us. Plumbing is a skill that improves with practice and practice only, so the work becomes second nature to you. At least, that’s been our experience. Our expertise means that we do our jobs quickly and correctly, which means that our costs are minimal. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why we have the best rates in town for everything from toilet repair to slab leak detection.

Prove Your Lines Are Up to Code with Camera Inspections

If you’re selling your property, you’re legally responsible for proving that your lines are up to code. We can scope your pipes with a video camera and provide DVD evidence that your system is working properly and installed legally. If there happens to be a problem, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of it. We’re here for you, whatever the need. Give us a call!

We are committed to running an ethical business and respecting our clients. We offer written estimates before we ever touch the job so there’s no ambiguity when it comes to billing. We also take care of the clean-up when the job is finished to show your home and property the same respect we’d want shown to our own.