3 Ways to Block a Bathtub Drain Without a Tub Stopper

All you want after a long day is to take a hot bath, but you haven’t been able to do this for a while because you’re missing a tub stopper. Well, you stumbled upon this post, and you’re in luck. We have a few suggestions for blocking a bathtub drain using simple household fixes. Until you can get a new bathtub stopper, check out these hacks for plugging up your bathtub.

Use an Empty Coffee Pod

Do you have a Keurig or another coffee maker that uses plastic coffee pods? Or, do you have a 15 ml medicine cup handy? Both of these work great for plugging up the drain. Start by putting the pod or cup in the drain bottom first. Then, begin filling the tub to see if it will hold water. Sometimes the pod or cup can be a little too small. If this is the case, wrap a couple thick rubber bands around the pod or cup to create a tighter seal.

Use a Plastic Lid

If you don’t have coffee pods handy, find a plastic lid large enough to cover the drain hole. A jam jar lid works well too. Put the lid over the hole so that it’s lying flat. Sometimes, you need to create a stronger seal to prevent the lid from floating in the water. Do this by dampening the bottom of the lid. Then, as you start to fill the bathtub, press firmly on the lid. As the tub fills, the water’s weight should keep it in place.

Use a Plastic Bag

Another option is to place a small sponge or washcloth in a plastic bag. You need to twist the sponge wash cloth tight so that it fits nicely into the drain. Stuff the bag into the drain after you’ve squeezed out all the air from the bag. Use a rubber band to keep the bag closed or zip it shut if you’re using a zip bag. If you don’t want to go to all this trouble, you can also fill a zip bag with water and sit it over the drain.

Call for Professional Bathroom Plumbing Services

Want a more permanent solution? Call Inglewood Pronto Plumbers. We’ll help you install a new drain stopper so you can enjoy your bath once again. Our plumbers in Inglewood are available today to help you with all your residential plumbing problems.

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